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Z dimensions (Z dim) when Choosing a Micro Cuvette

Please use our “Z dimension Finder with Instrument Models” at the end of this page to find the dimension of popular instrument models.

How do you determine a microvolume cuvette's "Z dimension"?

The length from the base of the cuvette to the center of the sample window is the z dimensions of a spectrophotometer/fluorometer cuvette (where the light passes).

VFOB100 100uL Sub Micro Fluorescence Cuvette All Black Bonded 3 Windows 2

When there is a limited sample aperture, the Z dimension is generally determined for ultra micro volume cuvettes or flow through cells. For example, for the following sorts of cuvettes, the Z dimension should be defined:

What is the importance of the Z dimension?

It’s critical to position your sample solution in the centre of the instrument light beam when utilizing an ultra tiny volume cuvette. Otherwise, erroneous or noisy data readings are likely to be taken. A black wall should be used to block (or mask) any light source that does not pass through the solution. The absorbance sensitivity to measurement may be reduced if the cuvette is not appropriately veiled.

Why does the Z dimension differ from one instrument (brand) to the others?

Every instrument manufacturer makes engineering considerations in the design and production of its product to ensure that it performs optimally. The spectrophotometer’s length, breadth, height, and adjustment of the light source are all dependent on engineering design to ensure that the instrument fits the published brochure requirements.

What is the Z dimension of my instrument?

The right Z dimension or center beam height for any commercial instrument should be stated in the manufacturer’s documentation.

You can also contact the manufacturer to inquire about the instrument’s Z dimension. Things happen that they can’t even tell you about! By the end of this post, we will have produced a list of 474 devices and brands for determining the Z dimension (light beam height) of the most often used instruments.

How can I determine my instrument's Z dimension on my own?

Many instruments have variable Z dimensions, or the Z dimension might change depending on how the light source is aligned within the model. As a result, learning how to calculate the Z dimension on one’s own is beneficial.

Method One

It’s easy to check your instrument’s Z dimensions. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Prepare a thick white card or paper sheet with a width of about 12 mm and a length of around 100 mm.
  2. Cut a 3 mm hole in the center of the card, 8.5 mm from the bottom (just insert a ballpoint pen through the card). The second hole is 15 mm from the card bottom’s opposite end.
  3. Set your spectrophotometer to any suitable wavelength and turn it on in percent T mode.
  4. As if it were a cuvette, place the prepared card within the cell holder. You’ll know the Z dimension of your instrument if the 8.5 mm or 15 mm end transmits light.
  5. If neither is correct, make a new piece of card with holes of various sizes (20 mm or other sizes) and see which one works best. For more ideas, look at our “Z dimension Finder using Instruments Models” table.

Method Two

There is an easier technique to measure the instrument Z dimension if the sample container can be conveniently accessible.

  1. Set the wavelength of the instrument to visible (e.g. 546 nm).
  2. In the sample container, place a piece of white card.
  3. Make a pencil mark on the card where the light beam intersects.
  4. The distance from the bottom of the card to the mark should be used to estimate the Z dimension.

Cuvette Z Dimension (Light Height) Finder

  • Note: To the best of our knowledge, the technical information provided here is accurate. However, assumes no liability for the accuracy of this information. The values provided here are typical at the time of manufacture and may vary over time and from batch to batch.
BrandInstrumentZ Dimension
ABXCobas Argos 5 Diff8.5 mm
ABXCobas Helios 5 Diff8.5 mm
ABXCobas Minos Range8.5 mm
Agilent845015 mm
Agilent845115 mm
Agilent8452 UV/Vis15 mm
Agilent8453 A15 mm
AgilentCary 120 mm
AgilentCary 10020 mm
AgilentCary 11815 mm
AgilentCary 1412.5 mm
AgilentCary 1613 mm
AgilentCary 16515 mm
AgilentCary 1815 mm
AgilentCary 21015 mm
AgilentCary 320 mm
AgilentCary 30020 mm
AgilentCary 420 mm
AgilentCary 40020 mm
AgilentCary 400020 mm
AgilentCary 520 mm
AgilentCary 5020 mm
AgilentCary 50020 mm
AgilentCary 500020 mm
AgilentCary 6000i20 mm
AgilentEclipse20 mm
Amersham BiosciencesBiochrm 406015 mm
Amersham BiosciencesGeneQuant 10015 mm
Amersham BiosciencesGeneQuant 130015 mm
Amersham BiosciencesGeneQuant Pro15 mm
Amersham BiosciencesNanoView15 mm
Amersham BiosciencesNovospec15 mm
Amersham BiosciencesNovospec II15 mm
Amersham BiosciencesNovospec III15 mm
Amersham BiosciencesNovospec Plus15 mm
Amersham BiosciencesUltrospec 1015 mm
Amersham BiosciencesUltospec 100015 mm
Amersham BiosciencesUltospec 110015 mm
Amersham BiosciencesUltospec 200015 mm
Amersham BiosciencesUltospec 210015 mm
Amersham BiosciencesUltospec 2100 Pro15 mm
Amersham BiosciencesUltospec 300015 mm
Amersham BiosciencesUltospec 310015 mm
Amersham BiosciencesUltospec 330015 mm
Amersham BiosciencesUltospec 400015 mm
Amersham BiosciencesUltospec 430015 mm
Amersham Biosciences50015 mm
Amersham BiosciencesUltospec 530015 mm
Amersham BiosciencesUltospec 630015 mm
Amersham BiosciencesUltospec Plus15 mm
AmincoBowman9 mm
AmincoBowman Model 4-820212 mm
AmincoSPF-12515 mm
Analytik JenaSpecord 20015 mm
Analytik JenaSpecord 205/21015 mm
Analytik JenaSpecord 25015 mm
Analytik JenaSpecord 308.5 mm
Analytik JenaSpecord 408.5 mm
Analytik JenaSpecord 508.5 mm
Analytik JenaSpecord S 10015 mm
Analytik JenaSpecord S 6008.5 mm and 15 mm
Analytik JenaSpekol 11008.5 mm
Analytik JenaSpekol 120015 mm
Analytik JenaSpekol 150015 mm
Analytik JenaSpekol 200015 mm
BairdAtomic PN 883012.5 mm
BeckmanDU 408.5 mm
BeckmanDU 508.5 mm
BeckmanDU 5008.5 mm
BeckmanDU 5208.5 mm
BeckmanDU 5308.5 mm
BeckmanDU 608.5 mm
BeckmanDU 6008.5 mm
BeckmanDU 6408.5 mm
BeckmanDU 6508.5 mm
BeckmanDU 78.5 mm
BeckmanDU 7015 mm
BeckmanDU 70008.5 mm
BeckmanDU 73010 mm
BeckmanDU 74008.5 mm
BeckmanDU 75008.5 mm
BeckmanDU 8008.5 mm
BeckmanKintrac VII17 mm
BeckmanModell 24/25/268.4 mm
BeckmanModell 526017 mm
BeckmanSF 107818.5 mm
BeckmanUSA Acta Autosampler11.68 mm
Bio-SystemBTS 3028.5 mm
Bio-SystemBTS 3058.5 mm
Bio-SystemBTS 3108.5 mm
Bio-SystemBTS 3208.5 mm
Bio-Tek InstrumentsSFM 2515 mm
Bio-Tek InstrumentsUvikon 72512 mm
Bio-Tek InstrumentsUvikon 81015 mm
Bio-Tek InstrumentsUvikon 92215 mm
Bio-Tek InstrumentsUvikon 923 B15 mm
Bio-Tek InstrumentsUvikon 93015 mm
Bio-Tek InstrumentsUvikon 94015 mm
Bio-Tek InstrumentsUvikon 94115 mm
Bio-Tek InstrumentsUvikon 94215 mm
Bio-Tek InstrumentsUvikon 94315 mm
Bio-Tek InstrumentsUvikon XL15 mm
Bio-Tek InstrumentsUvikon XS15 mm
Bio-Tek InstrumentsUviLight15 mm
BiochromLibra S1115 mm
BiochromLibra S1215 mm
BiochromLibra S2115 mm
BiochromLibra S2215 mm
BiochromLibra S3215 mm
BiochromLibra S32PC15 mm
BiochromLibra S415 mm
BiochromLibra S5015 mm
BiochromLibra S50PC15 mm
BiochromLibra S6015 mm
BiochromLibra S60PC15 mm
BiochromLibra S7015 mm
BiochromLibra S70PC15 mm
BiochromLibra S8015 mm
BiochromLibra S80PC15 mm
BiochromWPA Biowave DNA15 mm
BiochromWPA Biowave II15 mm
BiochromWPA Lightwave II15 mm
BiochromWPA S120015 mm
BiochromWPA S80015 mm
BioradSmartSpec TM 30008.5 mm
BiotecnicaArco8.5 mm
BiotecnicaBT 2248.5 mm
BiotecnicaBT 22458.5 mm
BiotecnicaBT 2258.5 mm
BoecoS 2015 mm
BoecoS 2215 mm
BraicUV-100017 mm
BraicUV-910023.5 mm
BraicVIS-722023.5 mm
Bruins InstrumentsOmega 1015 mm
Bruins InstrumentsOmega 2015 mm
Bruins InstrumentsOmega 3015 mm
CamspecM 20115 mm
CamspecM 20215 mm
CamspecM 23015 mm
CamspecM 30115 mm
CamspecM 30215 mm
CamspecM 33015 mm
CamspecM 35015 mm
CamspecM 50115 mm
CecilCE 101015 mm
CecilCE 102015 mm
CecilCE 201015 mm
CecilCE 202015 mm
CecilCE 203015 mm
CecilCE 204015 mm
CecilCE 220215 mm
CecilCE 227215 mm
CecilCE 229315 mm
CecilCE 230315 mm
CecilCE 239315 mm
CecilCE 40415 mm
CecilCE 50015 mm
CecilCE 500015 mm
CecilCE 50515 mm
CecilCE 5095 / 50015 mm
CecilCE 5095 / 56015 mm
CecilCE 54515 mm
CecilCE 59415 mm
CecilCE 59515 mm
CecilCE 59915 mm
CecilCE 600015 mm
CecilCE 700015 mm
CecilCE 800015 mm
CecilCE 802015 mm
CecilCE 900015 mm
CGAEOS 8808.5 mm
CGAEOS 8908.5 mm
Ciba Corning2588.5 mm
Ciba Corning2598.5 mm
Ciba Corning2800 SpectraScan15 mm
Dr. LangeCadas 1008.5 mm
Dr. LangeCadas 2008.5 mm
Dr. LangeCadas 308.5 mm
Dr. LangeCadas 508.5 mm
Dr. LangeLP 111 mm
Dr. LangeLP 1 W8.5 mm
Dr. LangeLP 28.5 mm
Dr. LangeLP 6 A8.5 mm
Dr. LangeMosy8.5 mm
Dr. LangeXion 5008.5 mm
DrakeQuick-Lab15 mm
Elvi-3989.5 mm
Eppendorf1101 M15 mm
Eppendorf611415 mm
Eppendorf611415 mm
Eppendorf611815 mm
Eppendorf612015 mm
EppendorfBioPhotometer8.5 mm
EppendorfBioSpectrometer8.5 mm
EppendorfEcom-F 612415 mm
EppendorfEcom-P 415315 mm
EppendorfEpac 614015 mm
Femto6008.5 mm
Femto600 Plus8.5 mm
Femto600 S8.5 mm
Femto7008.5 mm
Femto700 Plus8.5 mm
Femto700 S8.5 mm
Femto800 XI8.5 mm
GBC920-UV15 mm
GBCCintra 1015 mm
GBCCintra 2015 mm
GBCCintra 4015 mm
GBCCintra 515 mm
GEsee Amersham mm
HachDR-200015 mm
HachDR-300015 mm
HachDR-400015 mm
HachDR-500010 mm
Hewlett Packardall Types of Hewlett Packard15 mm
Hitachi150-208.5 mm
Hitachi18114.5 mm
HitachiF-20006 mm
HitachiF-25006 mm
HitachiF-45004.5 mm
HitachiF-70004.5 mm
HitachiU-100010 mm
HitachiU-110010 mm
HitachiU-150010 mm
HitachiU-180012.5 mm
HitachiU-200010 mm
HitachiU-200110 mm
HitachiU-201010 mm
HitachiU-280010 mm
HitachiU-290010 mm
HitachiU-291010 mm
HitachiU-300010 mm
HitachiU-301010 mm
HitachiU-320010 mm
HitachiU-330010 mm
HitachiU-340010 mm
HitachiU-350110 mm
HitachiU-400110 mm
HoeferDyna Quant 20015 mm
HoribaFluoroMax 415 mm
ISAFluoroMax15 mm
JascoFP 620015 mm
JascoFP 630015 mm
JascoFP 650015 mm
JascoFP 660015 mm
JascoJ-810 Peltier15 mm
JascoJ-815 Peltier15 mm
JascoV 53012 mm
JascoV 55012 mm
JascoV 56012 mm
JascoV 57012 mm
JascoV 63015 mm
JascoV 65015 mm
JascoV 66015 mm
JascoV 67015 mm
Jenway6100 Vis15 mm
Jenway6105 UV/Vis15 mm
Jenway6200 F15 mm
Jenway630015 mm
Jenway630515 mm
Jenway640015 mm
Jenway640515 mm
Jenway650015 mm
Jenway650515 mm
JenwayGenova15 mm
JobinFluoroLog15 mm
JobinFluoroMax15 mm
JobinYvon 10112 mm
JobinYvon 20112 mm
Kruess AGUV 65008.5 mm
L.O.T OrielSmar Plus 260515 mm
L.O.T OrielSmar Plus 325515 mm
Macherey-NagelNamcolor SM 115 mm
MalvernZetasizer8.5 mm
MetertekSP-8100 mm
MetertekSP-8300 mm
MetertekSP-8500 mm
MetertekSP-8700 mm
MicronalB 54215 mm
MicronalB 57215 mm
MicronalB 58215 mm
Molecular DevicesSpectraMax15.87 mm
Ocean OpticsUSB 200015 mm
Perkin ElmerBio 2015 mm
Perkin ElmerBio 4015 mm
Perkin ElmerLambda 1015 mm
Perkin ElmerLambda 1115 mm
Perkin ElmerLambda 1215 mm
Perkin ElmerLambda 1415 mm
Perkin ElmerLambda 215 mm
Perkin ElmerLambda 2015 mm
Perkin ElmerLambda 2515 mm
Perkin ElmerLambda 3515 mm
Perkin ElmerLambda 4015 mm
Perkin ElmerLambda 4515 mm
Perkin ElmerLambda 65015 mm
Perkin ElmerLambda 75015 mm
Perkin ElmerLambda 80015 mm
Perkin ElmerLambda 85015 mm
Perkin ElmerLambda 90015 mm
Perkin ElmerLambda 95015 mm
Perkin ElmerPE 100015 mm
Perkin ElmerPE 300015 mm
Perkin ElmerPE 55 B15 mm
Perkin ElmerPE 55215 mm
Perkin ElmerPE 55415 mm
Perkin ElmerPE 55515 mm
Perkin ElmerPE 650-1015 mm
Perkin ElmerPE 650-4015 mm
Perkin ElmerPE LS 5015 mm
PharmaciaAll Types of Pharmacia15 mm
PilipsPU 810015 mm
PilipsPU 860015 mm
PilipsPU 862515 mm
PilipsPU 870015 mm
PilipsPU 872015 mm
RieleMK 408.35 mm
RielePM 2109 mm
RielePM 3109 mm
RielePM 7508.5 mm
Safas2000 D16.5 mm
SafasUV-mc8.5 mm
Saitron901 Photometer12.5 mm
SartoriusVivaSpec LS15 mm
ScincoAll Types of Scinco15 mm
SeacCH-1008.5 mm
SeacS 2638.5 mm
SeacS 2668.5 mm
SecomamAnthelié8.5 mm
SecomamPrim8.5 mm
SecomamS 1000 G 2 UV/Vis8.5 mm
SecomamS 1000 PC UV/Vis8.5 mm
SecomamS 250 I Vis8.5 mm
SecomamS 500 I Vis8.5 mm
SecomamS 500 P Vis8.5 mm
SecomamS 750 I UV/Vis8.5 mm
ShimadzuQR 5017 mm
ShimadzuQV 5020 mm
ShimadzuRF 150115 mm
ShimadzuRF 50015 mm
ShimadzuRF 500115 mm
ShimadzuRF 51015 mm
ShimadzuRF 530115 mm
ShimadzuRF 551 S15 mm
ShimadzuUV 12012 mm
ShimadzuUV 120015 mm
ShimadzuUV 120115 mm
ShimadzuUV 120215 mm
ShimadzuUV 124015 mm
ShimadzuUV 14012.5 mm
ShimadzuUV 15015 mm
ShimadzuUV 16015 mm
ShimadzuUV 160015 mm
ShimadzuUV 160115 mm
ShimadzuUV 160215 mm
ShimadzuUV 160315 mm
ShimadzuUV 170015 mm
ShimadzuUV 18015 mm
ShimadzuUV 19015 mm
ShimadzuUV 20015 mm
ShimadzuUV 210115 mm
ShimadzuUV 24015 mm
ShimadzuUV 240115 mm
ShimadzuUV 240215 mm
ShimadzuUV 240315 mm
ShimadzuUV 250115 mm
ShimadzuUV 250215 mm
ShimadzuUV 250315 mm
ShimadzuUV 26015 mm
ShimadzuUV 26515 mm
ShimadzuUV 265 FS15 mm
ShimadzuUV 30015 mm
ShimadzuUV 310115 mm
ShimadzuUV 310215 mm
ShimadzuUV 310315 mm
ShimadzuUV 35015 mm
ShimadzuUV 36415 mm
ShimadzuUV mini 1240015 mm
ShimadzuUV Multispec 150015 mm
ShimadzuUV-180015 mm
ShimadzuUV-245015 mm
ShimadzuUV-255015 mm
ShimadzuUV-360015 mm
SpectronicsAll Types of Spectronics8.5 mm
TechnikonAutoanalyser15 mm
Thermo ScientificAquaMate15 mm
Thermo ScientificBioMate 38.5 mm
Thermo ScientificBioMate 3S15 mm
Thermo ScientificBioMate 515 mm
Thermo ScientificBioMate 615 mm
Thermo ScientificEvolution 10015 mm
Thermo ScientificEvolution 16015 mm
Thermo ScientificEvolution 3008.5 mm
Thermo ScientificEvolution 300 UV/Vis8.5 mm
Thermo ScientificEvolution 608.5 mm
Thermo ScientificEvolution 6008.5 mm
Thermo ScientificEvolution 60S8.5 mm
Thermo ScientificEvolution Array15 mm
Thermo ScientificGenesys S Series8.5 mm
Thermo ScientificGenesys8.5 mm
Thermo ScientificGenova15 mm
Thermo ScientificHelios Alpha15 mm
Thermo ScientificHelios Gamma15 mm
Thermo ScientificMultiskan Sepctrum8.5 mm
Thermo ScientificPU 2515 mm
Thermo ScientificSP 170017 mm
Thermo ScientificSP 180013 mm
Thermo ScientificSP 3015 mm
Thermo ScientificSP 50017 mm
Thermo ScientificSP 60013 mm
Thermo ScientificSP 62015 mm
Thermo ScientificSP 70015 mm
Thermo ScientificSP 80015 mm
Thermo ScientificSP 82015 mm
Thermo ScientificSpectronic 10018.5 mm
Thermo ScientificSpectronic 12018.5 mm
Thermo ScientificSpectronic 20014.5 mm
Thermo ScientificSpectronic 200 UV15 mm
Thermo ScientificSpectronic 20008.5 mm
Thermo ScientificSpectronic 300-50015 mm
Thermo ScientificSpectronic 3000 Array8.5 mm
Thermo ScientificSpectronic 60016 mm
Thermo ScientificSpectronic 6018.5 mm
Thermo ScientificSpectronic 7008.5 mm
Thermo ScientificSpectronic ATI 562515 mm
Thermo ScientificSpectronic Genesis 108.5 mm
Thermo ScientificSpectronic Genesis 28.5 mm
Thermo ScientificSpectronic Genesis 208.5 mm
Thermo ScientificSpectronic Genesis 58.5 mm
Thermo ScientificSpectronic Genesis 815 mm
Thermo Scientificthermospec ABC15 mm
Thermo ScientificUV-115 mm
Thermo ScientificUV-1015 mm
Thermo ScientificUV-215 mm
Thermo ScientificUV-315 mm
Thermo ScientificUV-415 mm
TransasiaErba Chem-58.5 mm
VarianCary 120 mm
VarianCary 10020 mm
VarianCary 11815 mm
VarianCary 1412.5 mm
VarianCary 1613 mm
VarianCary 16515 mm
VarianCary 1815 mm
VarianCary 21015 mm
VarianCary 320 mm
VarianCary 30020 mm
VarianCary 420 mm
VarianCary 40020 mm
VarianCary 400020 mm
VarianCary 520 mm
VarianCary 5020 mm
VarianCary 50020 mm
VarianCary 500020 mm
VarianCary 6000i20 mm
VarianEclipse20 mm
WaldenWPA S 200015 mm
WhatmannGene Ray UV-Photometer15 mm
ZeissSpecord M 4015 mm
ZeissSpecord M 50015 mm
ZeissSpecord M 8015 mm
ZeissSpecord M 8515 mm
ZeissSpecord S 10 VIS15 mm
ZeissSpecord S 10015 mm
ZeissSpecord S 5 UV15 mm
ZeissSpecord S 5 VIS15 mm
ZeissSpekol 118.5 mm
ZeissSpekol 2108.5 mm
ZeissSpekol 2118.5 mm
ZeissSpekol 2208.5 mm
ZeissSpekol 2218.5 mm
Zuzi4418/2″15 mm