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(QL01U075) 30.0 mm Dia. x 125.0 mm EFL, H-K9L, Plano-Convex Lens, Uncoated

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(QL01U075) Lens Spotlight: 30.0 mm diameter, 125.0 mm EFL Plano-Convex Lens design. Composed of H-K9L, Uncoated. Comes with specs of BFL: 122.10 mm, R1: 64.55 mm, center thickness of 4.27 mm, and an edge thickness of 2.50 mm. Lens Mount: QML16300S.

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  • Type: Plano-Convex Lens
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H-K9L Plano Convex Lenses - Parameters

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H-K9L Plano Convex Lenses - Parameters
Material: H-K9LDesign Wavelength:587.6nm
Dimension Tolerance:+0.0/-0.1mmCenter Thickness (CT) tolerance:±0.2mm
EFL Tolerance: ±2%Irregularity: λ/4@632.8nm
Centration: 3arcmin.Surface Quality: 60/40
Bevel : 0.2mm x 45°Coating : See the description
RoHS: Compliant

H-K9L Plano Convex Lenses - Coatings

Different Coating Types
Further Reading: Optical Lens Geometries: Breaking Down the Basics
H-K9L Plano Convex Lenses - Coatings
Plano Convex Lens Technical Information
H-K9L Uncoated


H-K9L VIS AR @400~700nm

VIS AR Coating Ravg<0.5% @400~700nm

H-K9L NIR AR @ 650~1050nm

NIR AR Coating Ravg<0.5% @650~1050nm

H-K9L SWIR AR @ 1000~1650nm

SWIR AR Coating Ravg<0.5% @1000~1650nm

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Weight 10 g