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Cuvettes and Cells available for Customization

You couldn’t find the spectrophotometer cuvette you were looking for on our website? Do you have a unique application for which no one has a solution? Do you need a precise cuvette for your experiment right away?

We can assist you if you responded yes to any of the above questions. As a scientist, you understand the importance of having the proper equipment to conduct your experiment. But shouldn’t finding the proper spectrophotometer cuvette be simple?

Researchers have hitherto faced extremely long lead times and exorbitant fees for any type of bespoke cuvette. The issue was that several manufacturers were mass-producing spectrophotometer cuvettes in order to keep costs down. Everyone knows that the price of cuvettes decreases as you purchase more. But what happens when you only need one or two cells?

That’s where we can help. Check below a list of our in stock customized cuvettes and cells. 

For most UV/VIS routine analysis, rectangular cells are utilized. The most popular sort of cell, with two clear windows and dimensions that meet international standards. Most rectangular-cell instruments should be able to use the 10mm pathlength. Pathlengths ranging from 1mm to 100mm are available. Check your instrument’s handbook to determine if larger pathlength cells require an adapter.

The most often used cells are standard rectangular cells. Most instruments feature two polished windows and a complete internal width.

Standard Rectangular Cuvettes

Short Customized Cuvettes

Wide Windows Cells

Wide Windows Cells

Detachable Cells

Large Tank Cells - Customizable

Customized Sub-Micro Cells

FLow Through Cuvettes and Cells

Flow cells are used in chromatography and production systems to measure samples with continuous flow. They’re also utilized in sipper systems, which allow for the aspiration of specific samples into the cell. Because each application has a distinct compromise of sample amount, flow pattern, pathlength, and tubing requirements, flow cells come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We manufacture a broad variety of flow cells and have made every effort to make the choosing procedure as simple as possible. If you have any technical questions, please e-mail us and we will respond as soon as possible.

Bubble Free Flow Through Cuvettes

Single Channel Flow Through Cuvettes

Flow Through Cuvettes with Top Connectors

Customized 2 Ends Open Cuvettes

Reflection Measurements Cells - Customizable

Non-Stock Customizable Cuvettes and Cells

(VCK08) Custom Cuvette Example, Flow Cell
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(VCK01) Custom Laser Absorption Cell Example
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Cuvette Manufacturing for Spectrophotometers in a Short Lead Time

Did you know that custom-made cuvettes are now available at a price that every lab can afford? We work with you to obtain the cuvette you need at a price you can afford, whether it’s 1  cuvette or 100.

We use state-of-the-art technology and cuvette production processes at our ISO 9001-certified facility. Our technicians have all mastered their trade and strive to improve in every manner they can. Our facility is set up in such a way that we can deliver your bespoke cuvette in as little as a few days to longest 4-6 weeks.


When we take on a custom spectrophotometer cuvette project, we just have one objective in mind: to please you by delivering your components on time and at a great price. We serve all of our customers equally, with no preference given to those who place larger orders. You’re a human being like us, and you deserve to be treated with respect and politeness.


We have a straightforward quote procedure in place. The following is how it works:

  1. Send us your drawing.
  2. Our engineers go through the sketch and provide you a quote.
  3. Within 1-2 days, we will email you the pricing.


It’s as simple as that to place an order.

Now is the time to consider whether there are any experiments that you were unable to do because you lacked the proper cuvette. Consider how simple it would be to do this experiment with a high-quality spectrophotometer cuvette that was custom-made to your exact requirements. Consider how you’d feel if you made that breakthrough discovery.

So email us your drawing and we’ll start to work on producing you the spectrophotometer cuvette of your dreams.