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Customization of Custom Flow Cytometry Cells

If you’re an engineer seeking for a customized flow cytometry cell, the information below is for you. If you’re not searching for flow cells, this post isn’t for you.

Important: If you don’t get the ideal flow cytometry cell for your project, will refund your money.

What does an engineer do when he requires a customized flow cytometry cell for his equipment? First, he conducts some online research to locate companies that produce these components. After that, he’ll spend some time sending out designs to possible suppliers. He’ll then wait for a response. He’ll go through the alternatives and make an order once he receives the quotation. Although the preceding procedure appears to be a quick and simple one, it may be a long and drawn-out process.

Quotation Times for Flow Cytometry Cells

When it comes to customized components, offers an incredible delivery time. Other major flow cell companies might take weeks to respond with a quotation. This is a time-consuming and nerve-wracking process. You might become locked in a rut of sending 2-3 follow-up e-mails every week while waiting for the results.

So don’t bother with those other people. Allow us to provide you with a customized quotation within 1-3 business days. Simply email us the drawing and the amount, and you can get back to work without having to think about it.

To make things even easier, you may fill out a form on our website to get started. The Custom Flow Cytometry Cell form may be found here.

Fabrication Time for Flow Cytometry Cells

It’s essential to be able to make quick design changes when a project is in the prototype stage. These design modifications normally require a flow cytometry cell revision, and waiting three months for another prototype is sometimes too long for businesses seeking to get their machine into production. Getting test samples as soon as possible has become a must, and businesses will not wait months for samples.

In this regard,’s lead times outshine. We have the highly coveted capacity to generate small quantities (1-5 pieces) in a short period of time. From start to end, we can build a small batch of flow cells in approximately 7-8 weeks.


We understand that businesses plan their production schedules around the lead periods we offer. We are glad to announce that we adhere to our lead times, and if an issue arises during production, you can be certain that we will notify you as soon as possible. We don’t wait for you to e-mail us to inquire about the status. In addition, we’ll email you project updates at regular intervals.


When it comes to customized flow cytometry cells, this is usually the most common question. Because pricing varies from work to job, this is a difficult topic to answer. However, we can promise that everyone of our clients will receive the following:

Flow cells manufactured in a plant that is ISO 9001 certified.
In our Class 5 clean room, all cells are examined.
All items will be manufactured to your exact specifications.
We will give you with the best possible pricing for your components.


Custom optical components made of glass or quartz are our expertise. The following are some of our most popular projects. Please contact us if your application is not mentioned.

Cells for Flow Cytometry
Cuvettes with Micro Flow Channels
Modifications to HPLC detector cells on standard stock cuvettes
Cuvettes for Liquid Chromatography (LC)
Plates and Discs of Quartz
Microfluidic Quartz Chips
Flow Cells for Particle Sizers Cuvettes for Particle Counting


Easy quotation procedure takes 1-3 days.
Fabrication takes 3-8 weeks, so you get your components as soon as feasible.
Small and big volumes are both offered at incredible prices.
Very small order minimum.
Engraving and labeling services are available upon request.
Our competent and pleasant client service.

All you have to do now is email us the Custom Flow Cell form and your sketch, and we’ll handle the rest.

VCK04 Custom Cuvette Example Sheath Flow Cell 1
VCK02 Custom Cuvette Example Flow Cell 1
VCK01 Custom Laser Absorption Cell Example 1