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Why Black walled Cells?

Why it’s a good idea to use self masking cuvettes… This article explains why it is important to use black walled cells for low volume work. We performed this experiment on a Varian Cary 500 a number of years ago to demonstrate this. The experiment: Take a suitable visible and stable chemcal, and make up

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Cuvette vs. Test Tube: What’s the Difference?

The primary difference between a cuvette and a test tube is that a cuvette has two straight sides whereas a test tube does not. Furthermore, cuvettes and test tubes serve distinct purposes and have different chemical compositions. In analytical chemistry, both the cuvette and the test tube are commonly used as analytical instruments. Both of

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Proper Care and Handling of UV-VIS Absorption Measurement Cells

UV – VIS absorption measurement cells or cuvettes as they are commonly called are glass or quartz rectangular cells which are used for holding the sample and reference solutions in beam path for making absorbance measurements. These are delicate items which require extreme care in handling to avoid breakage and at same time ensure accuracy

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